Jumpstart Coming in April

The Han Cluster Jumpstart (a short introduction to the setting, including a few Setting Rules, some archetypal characters to play, and a full adventure especially designed to introduce the setting) is in progress and on track for a release on DriveThruRPG in mid to late April.

In the adventure, called “Reunification,” you’re a group of adventurers scattered around the Han Cluster, just taking a break from your regular routine, and each other, with some downtime. But then a major, cluster-wide crisis emerges, and while authorities struggle to make heads or tales of what’s going on, your group of X-Bonded heroes are in a unique position to investigate and put a stop to the plot before it kills thousands of people and destabilizes the entire cluster. On the way through an exciting adventure, “Reunification” introduces the GM and players to some of the most iconic aspects of the Han Cluster setting, including the power of X-Bonding, Ghost Traveling, and the benefits of Nex-based weaponry, along with providing a taste of some of its most seminal locations, planets and technology.

We’ll update everyone further as the Jumpstart gets closer to release. “Reunification” is a tried and true introduction to the setting that Tracy has already run for dozens of players at various cons, live events, and online, and we’re excited to finally share it so you can run it too!

Look for more updates and sneak peaks as we get closer to Kickstarter launch for the full setting in 2024!

Coral Reegan – X-Diver