Here is a handy hyperlinked glossary of definitions for some of the new language that developed thanks to the Nex Revelation. For a printable, layered PDF you can distribute at the game table for your players, see the link below:

Carapaced: The state of an X-Ghost when it is integrated with its physical body. This is the default and most common state of a Ghosted Being. Ever since the Nex Revelation, all X-Ghosts have developed dim blue auras, easily seen when close up.

Coder Gear: One of two forms of draxel gear, Coder Gear powerful code (represented by X-Powers) loaded onto Draxel by an Nex Coder.

Crystum: A very rare and unusual substance found on certain planets and asteroids (including Earth, the belt of Sol, Venin and Shok) that acts as fuel for the crystum hyperdrive engine. The crystum drive was invented by Karl Han, and allows for faster than light travel in space. Crystum also plays a not well-understood role in draxel communication.

A Ghosted Machine with a Nex-based weapon (X-Gear)

Draxel: A small crystum-infused AI chip designed specifically to piggy-back off a Ghosted Being’s inherent connection to the Nex and provide an interface between Nex space and physical space. Draxels may be loaded with draxel gear (special code that manifests as devices, tools, armor, and weapons in the Nex). Draxels are also used as conduits for instant interstellar communication through unique space stations called draxel relays. Read more about the Inventor of the draxel, Carina Lutz.

Draxel Gear: Draxel Gear is the all-encompassing term used for code that’s loaded onto Draxel and manifests as tools, weapons and armor in Nex space. Draxel gear uses the inherent connection a Ghosted Being has to the Nex to function and must be loaded onto a draxel keyed directly to a specific X-Ghost. While X-Ghosts are semi-corporeal, only partially existing in the Nex, Most draxel gear exists entirely in the Nex, and is therefore unaffected by physical forces or objects. Draxel gear is comprised of two main sub-types: Coder Gear (the manifestation of a Nex Coder‘s X-Powers), and X-Gear (durable code that can be bought and used by anyone).

Draxel Relay: Massive orbital devices that facilitate instant interstellar communications between Draxel. There are only two draxel relays in the known universe. One is in orbit around Neptune in the Sol system, and the other orbits the dead planet Nebakazor in the Han Cluster. Due to their strategic importance, both are heavily guarded by each system’s militaries.

Ghosted Being: Any being, whether human or an intelligent machine that has an X-Ghost. Every Ghosted Being can detach their X-Ghost from their physical body, leaving behind a Sleeper. Doing this takes an action, and their X-Ghost appears adjacent to their body, which then immediately falls into a deep coma until their Ghost returns to it.

Ghosted Machine: A machine or artificial lifeform (with its own body) that has become self-aware, sapient, and has manifested its own X-Ghost. Ghosted Machines, like humans themselves, are another form of Ghosted Being. Torque was the first (known) Ghosted Machine.

Ghost Traveling: The act of almost instantly sending one’s X-Ghost directly to an X-Bonded mate, regardless of intervening distance or obstacle. This requires having an X-Bond with someone, and takes a limited action.

Two X-Bonded Friends Ghost Travel to the Pilot to Help Talk (or Fight) Their Way Out of a Scrape.

Hope’s Break: An event in which the planet Edenic’s government declared independence from Earth by claiming ownership over twelve of the massive colony ships sent via the Hope Expedition. The resulting fissure between the two societies created a cold war of paranoia and resentment that endures to this day. Read more about Hope’s Break here.

Hope Expedition: A mass migration to the Han Cluster from Earth. It was the most difficult and expensive endeavor in human history. It resulted in the settling of Edenic and the first humans in the Han Cluster, but two of the massive colony ships disappeared during the journey and never arrived at their destination. Read more about the Hope Expedition here.

Nex, the: Short for the Nexus, but over time it’s been shortened to simply the Nex. It’s an adjacent dimension to the physical world. Though it coexists with our reality, the Nex follows a different set of natural laws. It is accessible by all those with sufficiently sophisticated minds, called Ghosted Beings, and its nature is malleable. No one definitively knows why it exists, how it was formed, or even the full range of possibilities it offers (or the threats it represents) to humanity.

A Nex Diver

Nex Architect: Exceptionally powerful and dedicated individuals who have mastered both the disciplines X-Diver and X-Coder to become something more. There have only been a small handful of these adepts in human history, and the last of them mysteriously disappeared more than 50 years ago. Carina Lutz is largely thought to be the very first Nex Architect.

Nex Avatar: The visual appearance of an Uncarapaced X-Ghost. A Ghosted Being’s Nex Avatar is always the, “manifestation of the person you truly are inside.”

Nex-Coder: Rare individuals create “Coder Gear” (X-Powers in the form of draxel gear) loaded onto Draxels to manifest tools, devices and constructs in the Nex. The practice is much more art than it is science, which is why true Nex-Coders are nurtured, not trained. Nex-Coders are similar to Weird Scientists in Savage Worlds.

Nex-Divers: Rare adepts particularly attuned to the Nex. No one knows what makes them different, but they are able to manipulate Nex space itself, and those within it, with special innate X-Powers. Nex-Divers are similar to magic users in Savage Worlds.

Nex Manipulator: See Nex Coders, Nex Divers, and Nex Architects.

Nex Revelation, the: A series of events occurring after humanity’s arrival in the Han Cluster that revealed the existence and influence of the Nex. Almost all humans, and, later, an increasing number of AI machines, manifested X-Ghosts to become Ghosted Beings. In ensuing decades, humanity learned to unlock additional abilities while entire fields of science, technology, philosophy and religion were born. Read more about the Nex Revelation here.

ReUnia: A non-centralized, non-proprietary sytem based in the Nex that handles all monetary and property ownership records and exchanges based on X-Signature identities. ReUnia was developed by a joint Earth-Edenic consortium under the leadership of Carina Lutz (the first Nex Architect). It remains one of the few joint Earth / Han Cluster collaborations that remains in place. Read more about ReUnia here.

Sleeper: A Ghosted Being’s physical body separated from its X-Ghost. Sleepers are left in a vulnerable sleep-state when separated from their X-Ghost. Sleepers appear to have a very subtle light blue glow around them in the Nex, indicating that they have an X-Ghost, but it is not currently Carapaced within them. If a Sleeper takes damage, it’s X-Ghost takes damage, and vice versa. If one dies, so does the other.

Snap Back: The act of almost instantly returning one’s Uncarapaced X-Ghost back to one’s body (or Sleeper), regardless of intervening distance or obstacles. This takes a limited action. Unlike Ghost Traveling, everyone can do this (no X-Bond is required).

Uncarapaced: The state of an X-Ghost when it is separated from its physical body (a.k.a. its Sleeper). Uncarapaced X-Ghosts are semi-corporeal, have a slight blue aura, and may look different in appearance than their physical bodies (see Nex Avatar).

X-Bonding: A rare phenomenon whereby two or more Ghosted Beings who have developed a deep emotional connection or shared an experience of intense stress can bond together. X-Bonded beings can communicate with each other directly through the Nex (without the use of a draxel) no matter their distance apart. Moreover, X-Bonding allows one’s X-Ghost (but not their physical body) to Ghost Travel instantly to the X-Ghost (Carapaced or Uncarapaced) of someone they are X-Bonded with. Read about the very first X-Bond here.

X-Gear: A form of draxel gear, X-Gear is more permanent, but less flexible than Coder Gear but it can be bought and used by anyone (not just Nex Coders). X-Gear was invented by a Nex Architect named Freestand. Though X-Weapons are full effective against both Carapaced and Uncarapaced X-Ghosts, some X-Gear can only interact with Uncarapaced X-Ghosts.

X-Ghost: A Ghosted Being’s manifestation in the Nex. When Uncarapaced from their physical body, the appearance of a being’s X-Ghost, called its Nex Avatar, is personal and unique, and generally represents “the person you truly are inside.” When Carapaced within their body, X-Ghosts reveal themselves only as a faint blue aura surrounding the physical form. Uncarapaced X-Ghosts are semi-corporeal and exist between the worlds of the Nex and reality. They are still constrained by the physical world’s boundaries and obstacles. A solid wall is still solid to an X-Ghost.

X-Node: Rare, and mostly only available to certain military organizations and planetary governments, this powerful piece of Nex technology allows specific keyed Ghosted Beings to send their Uncarapaced X-Ghosts directly to the X-Node, effectively acting as if they are X-Bonded to it but at much shorter range. The most well-known example of these devices are the “Wraith Nodes” used for security on the planet Edenic. Some Nex Coders may also create temporary X-Nodes as needed.

X-Powers: Powers cast by Nex Divers or manifest in the form of Coder Gear by Nex Coders. Like X-Gear, some X-Powers only affect Uncarapaced X-Ghosts.

X-Signature: The unique “fingerprint” of each X-Ghost, detectable with certain Nex powers and technology. Property, money, and identity is tied to a Ghosted Being’s X-signature, which is (almost) unforgeable.

X-Weapons: See X-Gear.

A Wraith Fighter from Edenic, also Serves as an X-Node for its X-Ghost Pilot