Because the Nex is a separate dimension from reality, interactions between items and beings that reside in different corporeal states get a little tricky. For a quick reference of how physical gear and draxel gear affect different types of targets and users, see the Interactions Table below. For more detailed explanations, see the hyperlinked rules below that. Finally, you can also download the pdf for printing and use at your game table!

Non-Ghosted Physical Items and Creatures

Fully Corporeal: Physical gear, animals and other non-ghosted physical items are fully corporeal and have no presence in the Nex dimension.
Physical Gear: Fully effective and interactive with these targets/users.
Draxel Gear: Has no effect at all, and dissipates quickly when coming into contact with these targets/users.


Fully Corporeal: Carapaced X-Ghosts are fully corporeal in the physical world because they are bound within the physical body, but the X-Ghost withing them is also present in the Nex dimension. They exist in both states at once.
Physical Gear: Physical gear and weapons are fully effective and interactive with these targets/users.
Draxel Gear: Nex based weapons affect these targets normally without penalty, but some draxel gear can’t be effectively used in this state, and requires an Uncarapaced X-Ghost to work (e.g. X-Hoverboards, etc.).


Semi-Corporeal: Uncarapaced X-Ghosts (those who’ve left their Sleeper behind) exist halfway in reality and halfway in the Nex dimension. They are “slippery” in somewhat of a “quantum state”.
Physical Gear: Physical weapons suffer a –4 penalty to hit and damage an Uncarapaced X-Ghost. Interacting with the purely physical objects incurs situational penalties depending on the difficulty of the task.
Draxel Gear: X-weapons affect Uncarapaced X-Ghosts without penalty, and draxel gear may be used without restriction.

Draxel Gear and Items

Non-Corporeal: Draxel gear and Nex based items fully exist in the Nex dimension and have no interactivity with purely physical targets/users.
Physical Gear: Physical weapons (and armor) have no effect on draxel gear.
Draxel Gear: Draxel gear is fully interactive with other draxel gear, but has no interaction with physical items.

Physical Armor Versus X-Armor

As per the previous rules, X-Weapons ignore physical armor, and physical weapons ignore X-armor.

Gear and Ghost Traveling

Wherever a X-Ghost goes, it’s draxel gear automatically travels with it (even when Ghost Traveling), provided the being’s keyed draxel is in contact or adjacent to its physical body. The same is not true of physical gear, which always stays behind. No physical items of any kind can Ghost Travel or Snap Back with a X-Ghost.

X-Ghosts can carry Physical items, but usually this is only temporary (and risky), as they’ll be left behind the instant they Snap Back or Ghost Travel.

Example: Sirka Han and Krak Bailey are facing off against two thugs in an ally on Tract. The thugs are both Carapaced, meaning they are fully corporeal in the physical world. Krak is also Carapaced, but Sirka has Ghost Traveled to Krak to help him out against the thugs, so she is an Uncarapaced X-Ghost (she is only semi-corporeal).

When Sirka Ghost Traveled to her friend, only her X-Gear traveled with her, so she couldn’t have brought any physical weapons or armor with her. Luckily she has a Nex based X-Pistol she can use (and an X-Sword too). Since the thugs are Ghosted Beings, Sirka’s X-Pistol works without penalty against them.

Because both Krak and the thugs are Carapaced, he could use either his physical pulse pistol or his own X-pistol without penalty against the thugs. Meanwhile, the thugs don’t have any X-weapons on them, so they are –4 to hit and damage Sirka with their physical weapons because she’s Uncarapaced, and currently only semi-corporeal. These thugs are woefully unprepared without any X-weapons, and are in real trouble!